Welcoming Marketers Emily Irish and Sean Kennedy

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO:

I’m excited to welcome two new teammates to the Zapier marketing team today: Emily Irish and Sean Kennedy. Emily and Sean are the type of teammates we love to work with because when they didn’t get the first role they applied for at Zapier, they didn’t let it get them down. Instead, they took up the mantel to freelance for us and impressed us every step of the way. When we had a new role for a staff writer and a product marketer open up, Emily and Sean were the first people we thought of for those respectively roles, and we’re excited to have them join our team.

Emily Irish, Content Marketer

Emily Irish

Hey! I’m Emily Irish and I’ll tell you a secret – I’ve dreamed of writing this Zapier welcome post for over a year. I hail from the wonderful city of Raleigh, NC (and, ironically, do not have any actual Irish heritage).

As a longtime fan of Zapier’s blog, it’s my great pleasure to be joining the Editorial Team. I got my roots in remote work via freelance writing, and have had the chance to see a lot of good content and a lot of bad content. So it’s with great excitement that I join an amazing team with a clear (and, quite honestly, rare) commitment to truly providing value through their content.

I first discovered Zapier’s blog a couple years ago, when looking for some productivity advice for my serial-procrastinating self. I loved the content, so I decided to check out the tool. But after reading the (old) home page, I said to myself “whoa, too techie for me.” It wasn’t until I read a blog post by Buffer that featured real Zapier integrations in context that I finally understood just how easy and amazing this tool was.

One look at the Zap template and I was hooked. Whenever I had a specific problem with productivity, the Zapier blog was #1 stop for advice. I started tinkering with the tool, finding neat integrations, and building microsystems around those integrations. It wasn’t long before you’d hear me in every marketing meeting with my previous employer: “Hey, you know, we could save you x number of steps on that project if we set up an integration…”

So when [Zapier marketing team manager] Danny Schreiber asked me to interview for this position (after I’d first applied for a marketing position, then spent a few months writing freelance for Zapier), I leapt at the chance to join the team full-time.

Now, I fully embrace the writer stereotype as I work in my sweatpants, build relationships “over the Internet” (thank you, team Slack!), and drink copious amounts of tea.

When I’m not working on an article or devouring research on the psychology of productivity, you can usually find me writing fiction, reading novels, or playing some good ol’ fashioned Dungeons & Dragons with my husband.

I’m looking forward to writing more content that helps you become more productive and efficient, so if you have any suggestions (or just irritating productivity roadblocks you want help with), shoot me an email and let me know!

Sean Kennedy, Product Marketer

Sean Kennedy

About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Sean.

I’m delighted to be joining Zapier’s marketing team as our second Product Marketer. So a little about me. Well, I’m from beautiful Vancouver, BC and am the latest Canadian to join the team. However, I’m originally from the Okanagan Valley. Basically, the Canadian version of the Napa Valley for you wine lovers who are unfamiliar.

My background in digital marketing is pretty diverse and I’d consider myself a full-stack marketer with a strong focus in design and email marketing. This comes from years of working in web design agencies, startups, and as a freelance email geek.

Discovering Zapier

I’ve always been really interested in apps, tools, and productivity so Zapier was a natural fit to add into my daily life.

I can’t exactly recall when I discovered Zapier but I think it was back in early 2015. Since then, the blog has become a great source of information for me and even led to me working as a freelancer and writing a few posts of my own!

I’ve always really enjoyed sharing knowledge and helping people improve their work and their lives. Even before finding Zapier, I was already testing, reviewing, and blogging about apps and tools that I thought other entrepreneurs and small business professionals would enjoy.

Getting into Zapier

For years, I’d been applying to Zapier whenever they had an opening in their marketing department. I even created a zap that would sent me a text message any time a new job was posted (yup, I’m a real go getter). After going through two interview processes that didn’t lead to a job, I was finally contacted out of the blue about a role that they thought I should apply for. Long story short, I finally got to join the team! Aw yea! happy dance

Sean and Nicole

My fiancé, Nicole, and I checking out the sights in Rome. We’re very excited.

Working at Zapier

At Zapier, I’ll be looking after and advocating for you guys — our fans and customers! Primarily, my job will be looking for ways to promote learning about Zapier and make it easier for you to get going and use the product. This includes making sure learning about any new features we launch are as intuitive and easy to learn as possible.

I’ll also be working very closely with our email marketing to make sure any emails we send you are actually helpful and as far from annoying as possible.

In fact, if any of you have any comments about our product or how our emails are working for you, I’d love to hear about it! Good or bad, shoot me a message!

Offline Mode

When not busy working on Zapier, you’ll either find me exploring the great outdoors, wandering around Vancouver in search of good food or wine (sometimes both!), hanging out with my soon-to-be-wife and two lovable fur balls, or working on one of my many side projects, including Really Good Emails.

If you do see me, don’t be afraid to come say hi or tweet at me on Twitter. I’m always up for a good conversation about startups, apps, productivity, or your favorite funny cat video.

Zapier is hiring! Come join our growing, fully-remote team.

Source: https://zapier.com/blog/welcome-emily-irish-sean-kennedy/


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