Making it Easier to Get Your Favorite App on Zapier

When Zapier launched in 2012, you could build automations between 40 different web apps. Back then, 40 was a lot! We supported staples like Dropbox, Evernote, and Stripe.

But soon, 40 wasn’t enough. The world of web apps kept growing, and Zapier grew with it. Today, Zapier supports more than 750 apps, all the way from Airtable to Zoom.

We didn’t reach that mark on our own. Early on, app makers asked for a way to connect their own tools to Zapier. Our Developer Platform offers just that: anyone can connect an app to our ecosystem for free. The majority of the integrations you use on Zapier were built by the teams who made the web app.

To help these teams build the next generation of Zapier integrations, we’re launching a new way to connect to our Developer Platform. Now, when you ask your favorite app to integrate with Zapier, those teams have two options.

Zapier Developer Platform Web Builder and CLI

Zapier Developer Platform Web Builder (left) and Command Line Interface (right)
  • Our Web Builder, which lets anyone connect an app with an API to Zapier with low- to no-code.
  • The Command Line Interface (or CLI) — brand new — which lets engineers write integrations with JavaScript and deploy from their own machines.

If you’re not a developer, terms like “API” and “command line interface” likely have you hovering over the little “x” next to your browser tab.

But here’s the scoop: makers of your favorite apps have long sought this new developer experience. It makes integrating with Zapier faster, and makes updating an app easier going forward.

“We’re incredibly grateful for Zapier’s CLI, which makes updating our Zapier integration alongside the back-end and feature updates a breeze”Andrei Moldovan, MeisterTask

Getting Your Favorite Tools to Integrate with Zapier

With this new development, it’s prime time to ask your favorite app to get on on Zapier.

Asking is easy. You could:

  • Send a friendly email. A quick note from a dedicated customer can make a big difference. We suggest contacting an app maker’s support team.

  • Ping their team on social media. Here, we even prepared a handy Tweet for you (be sure to @mention the app!)

  • Leave a comment on this post. We’ll reach out to the apps that get the most attention.

What’s New for App Makers

Example of the Zapier CLI

Today marks a new era for app developers creating and maintaining Zapier integrations.

With the release of the Zapier Command Line Interface (CLI), developers can interact with our platform in the same way they do with software on cloud services. This new interface helps teams to collaborate to build, test, and deploy code on Zapier in the same workflow as their own apps.

Andrei Moldovan and his team at MeisterTask use the CLI to tap into Zapier’s Developer Platform and build new features faster.

“MeisterTask is a very young product that is being worked on day and night,” Moldovan, the company’s lead developer, says. “With the constant updates, we’re incredibly grateful for Zapier’s CLI, which makes updating our Zapier integration alongside the back-end and feature updates a breeze.”

While it is more technical in nature, Zapier’s CLI offers flexible options that our Web Builder doesn’t. You can:

  • Build apps as Node.js bundles and code entire integrations in JavaScript
  • Collaborate by using a source control tool and having multiple owners for a single app
  • Commit and deploy code directly from the command line

It’s also worth mentioning that the CLI is just a more developer-friendly access point for our platform. Whether you build with CLI or the Web Builder, you get all the same benefits like:

  • Instant connections to 750+ apps
  • Support just one API: your own
  • Add workflow automation to your app through Zapier
  • Give your team the power to say “Yes” when customers ask “Do you integrate with [shiny new app]?”

Plus, we’re adding a Zap Template API that app makers can use to surface helpful Zapier integrations anywhere in their apps.

10,000+ Integrations

A screenshot of the new Zapier Developer Platform landing page

The new Zapier Developer Platform homepage

With more than 750 apps on Zapier today, we know how important it is to create exceptional experiences not only for our customers using integrations, but those building them, too. As we expand our integration platform, we’re planning for not just for the 1,000th integration with Zapier, but the 10,000th.

As the landscape of business apps grows, you can depend on Zapier to be the tool that keeps it all together.

What app do you want to see integrate with Zapier? Leave a comment below.



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