Welcoming Human Resources/People Operations Specialist Meghan Gezo

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: People are at the heart of building great organizations. When the HR responsibilities got too big for me to handle on my own, we wanted to find someone who could help us scale the team and bring the same sort of care and attention to Zapier that Bryan, Mike, and I have always strived to have. After working with Meghan for a few months, I’m excited we’ve found that person. Already Meghan has helped us organize one of our best team retreats yet, and I’m confident that with her help we’ll be able to grow a company where smart and hardworking people will be able to thrive.

Hey there! I’m Meghan Gezo, and I recently joined the team as Zapier’s first Human Resources/People Operations Specialist.

Prior to joining Zapier, I spent two years helping a Biotech startup nearly double in size by streamlining the hiring process and improving the onboarding experience for employees, all the while trying to make sure we preserved some really neat parts of the company culture while the company’s growth exploded.

As the company did grow, some things I really loved about working there started to fade away so I embarked on a mission to find a company that provided the ideal company culture for me. Working in Human Resources, company culture is not only important to me as an employee, but it also vastly affects the way I get to do my job; when employees are happy and feel valued by the company they work for, Human Resources gets to spend more time cultivating an even better work environment and less time trying to win back their employees.

After a few months on the job hunt I was beginning to get discouraged and thought maybe this ideal company only existed in my head. Unwilling to compromise, I kept searching and eventually found Zapier. The name sounded familiar, the product seemed super useful and the company culture seemed downright unreal – a 100% remote team, company retreats, top-notch benefits? Sign me up.

I originally applied for a non-HR position because I absolutely needed to get my foot in the door here. Luckily, the stars aligned and Zapier started looking to fill their very first People Ops/HR role just a couple of weeks after I submitted my original application.

At Zapier

My favorite part about working in Human Resources has always been helping people and seeing that smile on my coworkers faces when I make their day. At Zapier I help plan our awesome company retreats, oversee our recruiting processes, optimize procedures so that we can grow sustainably and do everything in between to make sure that all of our employees love working here on day 1000 as much as they did on day 1.

It feels great to work with such a bright group of people that always check their egos at the door; I can’t wait to find ways to make their workdays easier and more enjoyable.

Source: https://zapier.com/blog/welcome-hr-meghan-gezo/


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