Download Hundreds of Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Want to improve your tech skills or advance your career this year? eBooks are a great way to learn something new, and this huge collection from MSDN covers a broad range of computer topics, from tips on using Microsoft Office to programming mobile apps.

Although you might not need or want all of the eBooks or reference guides, chances are there’s something in here you can benefit from–particularly if you use Microsoft software. Topics covered include Windows 10, Office 365, Office 216, PowerShell, SharePoint, Azure, SQL Server, and Exchange Server.

Some of the resources are quick getting started guides, while others are more in-depth how-tos. Many of the eBooks offer shortcuts and timesavers, such as the Outlook 2016 Tips and Tricks PDF and OneNote 2016 Tips and Tricks PDF–handy to have around for a refresher or to share with those new to these programs.

Microsoft’s Eric Ligman has gathered these free resources from Microsoft and elsewhere and adds to the collection every year. The last update was in July, so the next update is something we can look forward to later this year. Millions of eBooks have been downloaded so far. Check out the collection and grab the eBooks you want to get your 2017 learning underway.

Also, Zapier currently offers 9 free eBooks you can download or read in your browser. In addition to our Getting Started with Zapier guide, read our Ultimate Guides to Remote Work, CRM Apps, Email Marketing Apps, Forms and Surveys, Customer Support, Project Management, APIs, and Google Sheets. Stay tuned, too, as we’ll be adding a new free eBook this month on eCommerce and others throughout the year.

Zapier Learn eBooks



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